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Mission Statement: The mission of the Riding School at Mare’s Run Farm is to provide a comprehensive horseback riding and horsemanship experience for students of all ages in a fun and relaxed Christian atmosphere that teaches students safety around horses.

About our Instructor: Jam TePoel has 25+ years riding experience & 15 years teaching experience. Her credentials include: Riding instructor certifications from the British Horse Society in England; Masters Degree in Agricultural Education, BS degree in Animal Science with Equine Emphasis; BS degree in Biology, and she holds Teaching Licences in both Biology and Agricultural Education. She also has graduate education in Veterinary Medicine with successful completion of the National Veterinary Licencing Examination.

Specializing in matching horses & riders:

-Are you looking for a horse or pony for yourself or your son/daughter? Our staff has experience in selection of horses and ponies and matching them for the suitability of the rider. Check our sales page to see if we have a horse or pony for sale to fit your needs. If not, we would be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect horse.

Customer testimonials
– My child has ADHD and has become more focused and done better in school as a result of his lessons. – Satisfied Parent

-Let me start by saying that I am not a horse-man, and know very little about horses in general. I have always admired people who are comfortable around horses and kinda speaks their language. Jam is one of those people. My daughter and my granddaughter have benefitted from Jam’s guidance and training to the point that both are competent riders and and know a good deal about horses. They know how to care for them, saddle um, and ride them. They are not intimidated by them and know how to teach them ‘Whose Their Master’. Jam has instilled them with confidence born of skill and experience. I recommend her for anyone, young or old how want to learn all there is to know about horses. -Mark White, Tazewell, VA

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  1. Tracie Meadows says:

    I am an older adult nearing my fifties and have decided it is time to do a few things with my life that I have always wanted to do but never had the nerve to follow through with. Learning to ride & properly take care of a horse are two of those things. Fear & anxiety are my biggest enemies but after spending an afternoon on Jack the horse with Jam skillfully and patiently easing me through the most basic techniques, I’ve come to believe there may be hope for me yet. Her teaching techniques are wonderful & she is very in tune with her students weaknesses. I must say I was impressed and I’ve only had one lesson. Can’t wait for the next one.


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