Lesson Horses

The Riding School at Mare’s Run Farm has several safe horses and ponies available for lessons:
A Pinch of Sage: a lovely Quarter Horse mare used for a variety of lessons both on the flat and over fences, and she is a very steady trail horse.
 “Jack” - An Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding who joined our lesson program in 2008.  He has very smooth gaits and is used for everything ranging from beginner lunge lessons to advanced dressage and jumping lessons. 

“Pepper” - an adorable and sweet spotted Pony of the Americas who is mainly ridden and shown by children.  
Miranda” - An Arab/Warmblood mare who was bred and raised at Mare’s Run Farm.  After several years as a broodmare, Miranda has joined our lesson program.  She is a sensitive mare who is mainly used to teach intermediate to advanced dressage lessons.  Miranda is also used for teaching lessons on the lunge-line. 
Chester” – Chester is a 16 hh Anglo-Arab gelding.  He is primarily used to teach advanced jumping lessons.  
Mara” -  a registered buckskin quarter horse mare who joined our lesson program in 2011. She  is sweet and gentle and teaches young beginner students as well as those learning to canter or jump.  She is great on trails too.
Pablo Picasso”-  Picasso is a lovely Pinto Hannovarian cross gelding who also joined our lesson program in 2011.  He is a wonderful mover and teaches mostly dresage and jumping lessons for intermediate and advanced  students.
“VT High Skoolboy” - Skoolboy is used to teach intermediate and advanced dressage lessons.  He also is used to teach students the art of communicating with horses through natural horsemanship.
Retired Lesson Horses/ Horses No Longer With Us  
“Sam” – Sam, a 16.2 hh TB/Hannoverian gelding  was a member of our  lesson program for over 15 years and taught many children and adults to ride.  He was a gentle-giant  with very smooth gaits.  Sam had to be put down in the fall of 2011 due to colic complications related to a strangulating lipoma.  Sam will be greatly missed in our riding program!

Red A 15.2 hh Thoroughbred gelding who was in our lesson program  for 5 years (2006 to 2011).  He is a versitile horse who did everything ranging from teaching beginners to post on the lunge line to teaching more advanced dressage and jumping lessons.  Red’s arthritis has gotten worse and he is now teaching primarily beginner walk-trot lessons at another lesson stable in Blacksburg, VA.
Michael” – Michael, a 14.2 hh bay Arabian gelding passed away on July 2, 2009 at the age of 23.  Michael arrived at Mare’s Run Farm in Tazewell, VA in 1992 where he was originally purchased as a riding horse and show horse for Jam and Sarah TePoel.  Michael was shown in hunter on the flat and over fences as well as in dressage and won numerous awards.  Michael was the first horse Jam began teaching lessons with in 1996.  Then from 1996 through 2009 Michael taught many children the joys of riding and took many children to local horse shows.  See pictures of Michael on the “Michael Memories” page.